Lots of exciting things have been going on with READ over the past few weeks. First off, we have received our 501(c)3 status which means we're offically a charity! Woohooo!

Four students were chosen as recipients of READ college scholarships. Based on their exam scores, application essays, and teacher recommendations Martin, Isaac, Samuel, and Wilson have been selected.  Read More


Greetings from Nairobi! I've been working at By Grace Center for Disabled and Orphan Children for the past ten days and it's been incredible. After being away for nearly a year it's been great to catch up with all of the kids and see how much they've grown.

Last week and this coming week the older children are taking the national exams so there’s been a lot of hard work and studying going on. For the students who are completing Form 4 (12th grade) it is especially important that they score well on these exams because if they get above a B grade the government sponsors a large portion of the cost for their college tuition.  Read More