R.E.A.D Scholarship Program

We have been moving and shaking! I can’t believe my three weeks here is almost up!

Yesterday I went with R.E.A.D. scholarship, Charles Odiahmbo, to his campus at the University of Nairobi to meet with his professors and the dean of his department. Charles is one of the most inspiring guys I know. Read More


Today was quite the adventure. Kayli, Martin (one of the R.E.A.D. scholarship recipients) and I took a trip upcountry to a village called Kalamba to visit his grandmother who he hadn't seen in over a year.

Getting there was half the journey. Five hours and 5 bumpy bus rides later we were dropped off at a the base of an unassuming dirt road winding through the countryside. We begin walking, left up through a corn field, right down past a grove of mango trees (which look like crazy cloud animals) up another hill past a large church echoing of sunday morning worship. I stopped to take everything in.  Read More


Time in Nairobi often feels intangible to measure. We’ve been here for about two weeks but because we’re doing so much it feels like it could have been months, yet strangely at the same time, because it’s all so exciting, it feels like days.

After visiting homes in the Flying Kites Oasis program we chose two outstanding organizations to donate textbooks to. Yesterday we delivered the loads to St. Catherine’s Children’s School in Kibera and Good Samaritan in Soweto. Before receiving these books both homes were operating with 1-4 books per class Read More


I arrived in Kayole a little over one week ago - as a volunteer with Kayli, and although so much has happened in this short period of time, I've chosen to write about my first day, when I went to By Grace to meet all of the kids for the first time. Kayli had been vocal about her enthusiasm for this first introduction - but nothing could have prepared me for the event!

We arrived at the school/home with a large package of standard white
printer paper, a couple boxes of pencils, and ourselves.  Distributing
these simple materials was the only tough part about this creative
process – as each child was so eager to begin!   Read More