Carolyne’s Girls Speech

We're in the process of transcribing some incredible stories, poems, songs, and essays from the Girls Club journals. They should be up on the site within the week but in the meantime I'd like to share Carolyne's (class 5) empowering and adorable speech:


Point 1

A positive life means a life that you are living good without any trouble.

Point 2

If you want to live a positive life you have to read more books and listen to what you are being told so that you can achieve your dreams and achieve your goals.

Point 3

To live a positive life you must have self control and you have to be confident.

Point 4

If you need to have a positive life you must know how to associate with other people so that you have have a positive life together with other people.

Point 5

You are supposed to be couragious and you have to know that you can do anything even though some boys normally take advantage of girls.

Point 6

And you have to work hard and work smart in your studies so that you may not become house wives.

Point 7

You may help any girl whom you are finding that have any problem or any trouble with her studying and with her work.

Point 8

You have to know that you are so special and girls are the most respected people in the whole world

Point 9

You have to be clean always because cleaniless is next to God.

Point 10

You have to be kind and you have to be faithful. And when you see that any girl is suffering please don’t leave her to suffer.