Wilson Kamau’s Update!

A new semester has started for R.E.A.D.'s university scholars! Over the course of the month we'll be sharing essays from each of the students on their educational experience thus far at school.


My name is Wilson Kamau (Willy). I joined college in March 2011. I am almost 2 years old now as a student. I am an engineering student at the Kenya Polytechnic University College, a constituent college of the University of Nairobi. I pursue Aeronautical  And Aviation Engineering.

Being in college is one of the greatest thing that ever happened to me. It never had occurred to me at any instance in my life that I would gain access to higher education. This was a dream that had completely vanished. I always wanted to become an engineer but without funds I knew I was gonna end up in misery, probably still in the streets begging for money as a means of livelihood or maybe I would have joined some street gangs. To me, this opportunity is a dream come true.

In school I am working hard. I do it with a lot of confidence owing to this golden opportunity. I also experience a normal life just like those who have had parents to love them, take them to school and guarantee their support. I have developed a positive attitude owing to the confidence that results. Every day is a bright day for me as this attitude keeps me going on.

Engineering is a pretty challenging course but I am also having a good time and have always had a good time. This is made possible by the fact that I get access to almost all the study resources that are necessary for my course. Such necessities include: writing materials, text books for reference and more complex ones as enabling a serene and conducive environment.

Most of my school work involves practical classes such as airframes and circuit board designs, programming and so much more. Research and project work also calls for a lot of concentration as well as commitment. This would be very difficult if I were to do it manually. I am glad that a portable computer (laptop) was availed to me by R.E.A.D. and hence, has made my work much convenient. It has immensely aided my studies. From school, I also get the technological exposure which is a backbone for engineering. Through the exposure, am able to acquire skills that are relevant and applicable to the engineering field. Academic tours, industrial seminars and inter-college project challenges all create a good ground in my career.

I am happy that I get to fully participate in all the required activities in school. Ever since I joined college there’s never been a day that I missed classes due to lack of tuition fee or any day that I suffered as a result of lack of basic needs. The major drawbacks are lecturers’ strike which are not a common case.


I am very grateful to the R.E.A.D  for making my study and stay at the college such a wonderful experience.