R.E.A.D. scholar, Samuel Theuri’s education update!

Congratulations to Samuel Theuri for making the Vice Chancellor's honor roll for his consistently high GPA! Check out a blog update from Samuel! :

My name is Samuel, a beneficiary of Resources for Education Advancement and Development(READ) .I feel very happy and privileged for being one of the beneficiaries as now I’m pursuing my highly coveted degree at Kenya Methodist University. I’m pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems.I used to be a street boy in Nairobi before my aunt took me to By grace disabled and orphans center where I studied my O-levels.  My mother digs a rural farm and survives on the scanty produce and nothing is left. I commenced selling water to people using a wheelbarrow. It was strenuous. I was at the same time teaching students at By Grace.cLooking back at the time I used to live with my unmerciful grandmother and  being chased from school due to unpaid fee being the order of the day,uncountable beatings without any fault committed coupled with hunger, I was ready to delve into any action that could see me become successful.

As such, I was studying my secondary school very hard so as to obtain a scholarship but I unfortunately missed the mark by one point.I felt  at cross-roads not knowing what was in the offing for me.Thoughts of a doomed future were Cris-crossing my mind.It was at this juncture that Kayli,who is the President of the READ organization set  foot in By Grace and offered to sponsor my degree because I had passed.Believe it or not I was besides myself,and though she promised she was to take me to school,I only believed it when she paid the first semester fee. You can therefore figure out how excited a person I’m today.To speak the truth,my grade point average(GPA) is standing at 3.81.  As regards myself,first class honors degree is not an option but a must given the circumstances  under which I’ve obtained this great chance! I have to alter my life anyway.

Currently I’m doing Advanced programming using java,Database Management Systems,Discrete Maths and Operating Systems.They are very fascinating as each and every passing day I’m learning something new.I’m enjoying my studies so much especially since they are more of practical than theory,always figuring out how to develop computer software.Apart from studies I’m a member of drama,swimming  and football clubs.These clubs are so empowering as participating in them has enabled me to make so many friends. I feel at ease as I’m at a position  to inquire virtually anything from a myriad of sources as these friends come from diverse faculties doing different courses.

I think being a university student is my greatest moment in which I have learned so much within a short time. By the time I’ll be finalizing my degree, not a very long time from now,I’ll have undergone a metamorphoses I’ve never imagined both academically and socially.I’m looking forward to becoming a system analyst.This is a very demanding position but I’m ready to roll my sleeves for it because I never imagined I will ever find myself leave alone inside a class but within the vicinity of a university.In the upcoming semester I’ll be doing Artificial intelligence,Digital electronics,Electricity and Magnetism,Internet application programming and Operations Research. I’m really enjoying my studies.!