Teresa Mumbi Update!

It was like a dream, dreamt years ago and awaited for the accomplishment. Though it had been a long journey sometimes it seemed as if it would never come to pass.

It wasn’t until late last year when Kayli came up with the idea of R.E.A.D. financing my education. I was delighted that I wished September could come with days but I had to wait. From the time onwards I looked forward for the time to join school. I didn’t know what course to take I had three ideas but at long last I settled on nursing. I did the application in late April and fortunately I was qualified to take the course at Nairobi Women’s Hospital Medical Training College at Ongata-Rongai branch.

Later I was called for an interview and I qualified. That gave me now the chance to be among the September intake students at the institution. On the 19th of Spetember, 2012, I joined the school and now am among the twenty KRCHN students. It feels great to be among scholars with whom most of the objectives that you have extends times together. To be sincere, any medical course given is not simple because it is not just dealing with objects but one will be dealing with people’s lives. So one has to go into details of what it entails and also think critically while dealing with different hospital issues.

One of the great things that have changed in me is that my thinkng and handling of issues has drastically changed. Being in a school that is based in a hospital environment I have come across people who really need help and not just help but a help that comes with passion. You find some patients who are not requiring just medication but also they need emotional support of which I have been desiring to engage to. I can write a lot about what I can see my future being opposed to the time I have no hope about my future and as time progresses I will be in a position to outline it better.

For now, I want to take an opportunity to appreciate each and every individual who has taken part in financing my education. R.E.A.D. supporters, I wouldn’t have enough words to appreciate you and the idea that you brought to give all of us the light to see our future and not go back to where we came from. At least every one of us has hope that we will help others to see their future brighter than they can see it now.