Silvano Ngetha’s Semester Results!

Check out R.E.A.D. scholar Silvano's A average!

Samuel Theuri’s Semester Results!

Super proud of Samuel for continually working hard at his studies and getting the results to prove it! Way to go Samuel!

This semester he got perfect marks. A 4.0!!!! Click on the link to see his performance!:¬†Samuel Theuri’s Semester Results!

A New Semester Begins!

The new semester has just begun for our R.E.A.D. university scholars. They are back in action are prepared to work harder than ever. Below see an email from Samuel Theuri on his gratitude for your financial help:

Let me first of all express my gratitude because of R.E.A.D.’s great assistance. Its amazing because as I commemorate that my graduation is just a stone’s throw distance ahead of me, it makes my energies for hard work rejuvenated because this is a condition I had only perceived as sheer impossibility. But it has now dawned on me and it’s clear as broad daylight, that a Bachelor’s degree is about to be conferred on me very soon. Before your intervention I was in utter despair but now I’m superfluous with hope. Within this email is my receipt for fee payment and I’m now rolling the sleeves for this trimester a very happy person¬† just because of you. My appreciation knows no bounds. I know that some people in my rural home think that I’m struggling with life in Nairobi but they are set to receive the shock of their lives soon as they will receive word about my successful graduation! How I’m waiting for it! Thanks a lot. I’ve received some of the results for the last semester but by the end of this week it’s when I’ll send you all the results.Thanks so so much.