Eight students in primary school (grade k-8) at By Grace have scored so high on their exams that they have been awarded scholarships to attend secondary school at Elamekia!

With the aid of the textbooks supplied by R.E.A.D. and the implementation of the girls reading clubs we are seeing real signs of change for the students at By Grace Children’s Home. ┬áIn anticipation for World Read Aloud Day, I was emailing with Maureen who heads the girls club and she wrote:

“We would like to read a book about hope. Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore. I would like to still make them aware that they should have hope. I do not know whether you are know that some of them passed their national exams and managed to aquire a scholarship and will soon be joining another school for high school. Am happy because they realised that they could make it in the club.”

More books lead to higher test scores leads to better education which gives us hope for a brighter future.