World Read Aloud Day!

Every year on the first Wednesday of March LitWorld's advocacy campaign for the human right of literacy calls worldwide attention to the importance of reading aloud and sharing stories.

On March 6 our girls at By Grace participated in World Read Aloud Day, a day created by our friends at LitWorld (, that children from 65 countries participate in.

Due to a camera malfunction, I only just received the pictures from By Grace’s celebration last month. Check out the update from Maureen, head of the Girls Club at By Grace:

“We had a great day with the girls! We had a period of about 3 sessions. Firstly we educated the girls on world read aloud day and its benefits. We also allowed the class eight alumnis to give their views on it, and they all did an awesome job.

Secondly we had the reading aloud session, three girls volunteered to read the book “I love to Read” The girls loved it and they promised to make reading their hobbies..

We also divided them in to four groups with six members and one group of seven.They read and answered all the questioners that you had designed i.e the poem. We kept them safe for you to have a look at them when you come next.

Lastly, we enjoyed sharing the snacks and celebration enhancing the strength of sisterhood. We later issued the certificates. They had even designed some graduation caps for that day! 

The girls said that they appreciate R.E.A.D.’s efforts and they thank you for your support.”



A Letter from Teresa!

Check out R.E.A.D. scholar Teresa's beautiful letter about her nurse clinical work experience in the hospital!

Charles Odhiambo’s Trip to the Coast!

Charles Odhiambo, a R.E.A.D. scholar studying Tourism and Hotel Management at University of Nairobi, shares his school trip experience!


by Charles Odhiambo

(Personal note:

The coastal trip has given me more passion to capitalise all my energy in tourism for the leisure and recreation in the region is amazing. The personal experience was fullfiling for it was much more authentic than what I learn in class. The trip has also assured that my personality is in unison with my career and experienced the challenges that come with tour guiding and handling a group comprising of dynamic characters.

The opportunity has also assured that I went for a career that is crucial and more marketable in Kenya considering the high number of tourists in the region. By funding me to go the south coast school trip, R.E.A.D has made me fully backed in my career. I must admit that without R.E.A.D.’s support I would not have attended the crucial trip considering my poor economic background.

Thank you R.E.A.D.!)


After class lessons about the attractions in South Coast and many advantages the place has and challenges it faces, the college (University of Nairobi) organized an educational trip to south coast for primary experience, lessons that can be learnt from the state of that destination.


We were hosted at Destiny-Inn Hotel at Mtwapa for the entire trip. During the stay we went to several restaurants, beaches, hotels streets and other attractions. The attractions included:

(1)Fort-Jesus,(2)Kisite Mpunguti Marine Reserve,(3)Haller Park,(4)Diani,Galuk,Kinondo,Shelly and Tiwi beaches,(5)Likoni(6)Wasini island(7)Shimoni caves(8)Ukunda Airstrip(9)Mombasa town(10)Bamburi Cement industry.


After my visit to several places in the South Coast I learnt the following:

(1)The place has several beautiful beaches which it heavily relies on. The management of the destination should be more creative in its packaging to boosts tourists diverse activities.

(2)Child and sex tourism is a reality which is practiced behind the general public and the government. This was evident in some of the restaurants we visited and photography is a prohibition. This are some of the vices that we in the tourism industry and government needs to curb.

(3)Though the local communities need to be involved in tourism industry, there is need fro the to be learned and be thoroughly informed; some tour guides in Fort –Jesus and Kisite Mpunguti had lesser information than we anticipated.


South Coast is magical place to be considering many beautiful beaches, hotels, hospitable locals, high security levels, thrilling dhows, boats and ferry transport and it is the exact place to satisfy sun lust (sun,sea and sand).The warm temperature is amazing and the sea foods gives no experience like no other. However,the state of Mombasa road is not that pleasant which tiredness among other physical inconveniences and the many over speeding trailers are a great threat to the road safety. If this challenges are addressed then the experience will be amazing; it will be a paradise on its own.