Silvano’s Work Study Experience at St. Augustine

I am Silvano Ngacha, from Kenya, currently pursuing a Bsc. in Computer science under full sponsorship of READ organization. Today, I am glad to celebrate my two months-time experience as an attachée at St. Augustine Kieni Secondary school.

So far,the experience is satisfying since its full of achievements and challenges. My responsibilities as an attachée includes: Maintaining the school computer lab as a lab technician, teaching (form 1 and form 2-mathematics & computer studies.),head of school debating and I.T clubs and any other duty which I may be assigned by the principal.

Some of the achievements include:

Good exposure to a stable working environment, where strict guidelines are followed, working under minimum supervision with an aim of achieving the set goals, which includes: attending classes as scheduled, reporting to school as expected, continuous assessment of students as stipulated, marking of the examination sheets and analyzing the results.

In addition, I have gained different skills while serving at different capacities at St. Augustine. Some of these are: communication, presentation of data, time management and new skills in computer repair and maintenance.

Moreover, my experience as an attaché has not only equipped me with work related skills, but it has also sharpened my relation and socializing capabilities. Having worked with staffs from different social, economic and political background and also continuous interaction with students has helped me to be a better potential worker. In addition, understanding the individual needs of my students, handling them and coping with them is a milestone achievement.

In addition, having been a member of St Augustine teaching staff, I have improved my ability to work in a team which has an objective of achieving a common goal, vision and mission. This is not only applicable in a teaching field, but also in a day-to-day working environment.

Finally, I wish to thank READ organization and all well-wishers for sponsoring my university education. Its through your effort and commitment that I am where I stand today. May the grace of the Lord be with you in everything that you do. Be blessed.