Congratulations Samuel!

Samuel is currently interning at the East Africa School Of Management (EASM) where he will be assisting IT personnel until he graduates this spring.

Check out Samuel’s marks at Kenya Methodist University where her earned himself a GPA of 3.70. Congrats Samuel!

Samuel’s GPA!

Congratulations to Willie!

Willie Kamau has completed his studies and begins an internship with African Express this month!

“Three years ago at a time like this, I was somewhere within my imagination creating pictures of me joining college. Today, am talking of graduating from my college with a Diploma from the field of engineering…

I am soon joining a 4-month internship program for the completion of my Diploma. A student at The Technical University of Kenya (a constituent college of The University of Nairobi), I am completing a Diploma in Aeronautical And Aviation Engineering. In 4 months time (February to May), i will be completing my Industrial Attachment which is part of my course as it is mandatory for completion of the 3-year diploma. After this internship, I will graduate in October and seal the end of my diploma.

Aeronautical engineering equips learners with the necessary knowledge on how to solve problems within the aeronautical Industry as well as the general Engineering Industry. It is a flexible field within the wide area of Engineering and Technology which encompasses three major areas; Mechanical engineering field,Electrical engineering and lastly, Computer science. This course in general allows for some flexibility while seeking a job in a firm as one can work in any of the 3 fields of the course.”