An Update from Charles Odhiambo!

Jambo, First and foremost I would wish to express sincere gratitude to Kayli Stollak and the R.E.A.D organization and to all those who have contributed towards the realization of the objectives of the organization. I am indeed humbled by your belief in me-the support you have shown is amazing!

My studies are quite enlightening and undertaking my studies at Kenya Utalii College is amazing. Since my admission in the college, every class has been great contribution to my knowledge. Tourism has never been this involving considering the fact the challenges the industry is facing due to security challenges in Kenya.

Passion for academic excellence in tourism still remains my motivator. I am really engaging my lecturers and comparing notes with tourism students from other competent colleges. With the professional training from a highly ranked college ( Kenya Utalii College), it is my conviction that i am up to the challenge the tourism industries brings forth.

I am completing my classes this month. It has been a period of intensive and expansive learning and now that the curtains are finally closing, I can authoritatively confirm that my knowledge in the tourism industry is deeper and expansive.

My project is still underway. I am giving it my best shot for at the end of the day it will be a great contribution to Kenya that depends on tourism for its economic growth. This is one of the exciting part of the course work; where assumptions meets the reality- and distinguishing facts from fiction in the tourism industry by establishing the reality on the ground.

I am still working on foreign languages. I have a good foundation and am burning the midnight oil to ensure my mastery. French and German is great combination as most of the tourist in Kenya come from German, France, Latin and English speaking countries. I have the basics and will not tire till I become proficient and communicate at ease. 

I am  currently on industrial attachment which I began this trimester and will run to the end of the year. It is duration of two trimesters. This is so to ensure total exposure to the industry which is quite dynamic. The internship will see me learn Reservations, Sales and Marketing, Web Update, update of Hotel and Tourism properties’ Fact Sheets , Principles of tour guiding and other functions that relates to the Hotel and Tourism Industry. 

IATA exams are also due in September 2014 and am ready for it. I am having final touches on it as I await the exams. The IATA course (Diploma in Consultancy) molds students to be competent in the whole Tourism Sector ( Tours , Travel, Hotel and Airline) and at International level! 

All the above has been made a reality by the R.E.A.D organizations and all those who contributed towards my education despite the harsh economic challenges; who believed that the greatest investment they will ever achieve is to cash in on needy student whose brighter future they want to be the light!

I can’t thank these noble people enough for their generosity. They will forever remain icons and epitome of philanthropy.

 Asante Sana!

Thank you very much!