Silvano’s Internship Update!

I am glad to inform you that I got internship with Vehicle and Equipment Leasing Limited (VAELL). The internship programme aims to enhance the intern educational experience by exposing them to various working environments, where we are expected to acquire practical training and have an understanding of the environmental, economic and social influences on management and work performance.

VAELL  is  a leading  asset leasing,  maintenance and consulting  company  in East Africa. They specialize in leasing of vehicles, IT, medical and office equipment’s. They also offer other services such as fleet management.

I am now working as a full time intern ,where  i am expected to make my own arrangements for food, accommodation and my daily expenses. Thanks to READ. for sponsoring my university education. So far, the internship has offered me with an exciting and dynamic modern work environment  which provides good experience, knowledge of the leasing industry and a network for my future professional life.

As an intern ,I am involved in multiple tasks and projects such as Web Application Development where we assess new web application ideas ,develop , document and test new software applications. I also work with my supervisor in maintaining and troubleshooting the LAN network and also in managing and updating the company’s web content.

I am  also part of  graphics design team  where we design a diverse range of materials  such as logos, signs, banners, and web materials using  computer design applications such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I also assist in the installation, configuration, upgrade, and maintenance of operating systems and application software.

I am now learning new skills in production of electronic newsletters, search engine optimization techniques, optimizing images for the web and understanding how to use web analytic tools.

This chance has given me an opportunity to work in a dynamic work environment, which has improved my communication skills, ability to work independently and in a team, following strict schedules and working under pressure. I am now enjoying sharing knowledge and experience with other professionals.

Finally, I wish to send my sincere appreciation to all well wishers who have sacrificed their resources to support my academics. I will always remember how you helped me to get this wonderful opportunity.

Thank you very much.