Thank You from Teresa

Am Teresa KRCHN student nurse .in my third year of schooling .through the R.E.A.D..programme.
Sometime back in year 2011..I had lost hope of ever becoming a nurse that had been my dream since young age.Until Kayli through the programme came to my rescue.
I went through by grace disabled and opharn centre in my high school .did my fourth form in 2010.And through your great contribution I joined a medical training collage on September 2012 todate .I lack words to express my gratidute to you people for your great contribution on seeing us through our schooling .I can assure you that thousands of wishes would not have left a very deep impression as the great deed of taking us to school.
I lack words to express my gratidutes to you people but remember nothing goes unpaid.No such a thing as small act of kindness ,every act of kindness crests a ripple with no logical end .its through you ,we see a brighter future ahead of us.As you hold the R.E.A.D event ,remember no man never stands tall as when he kneels to help a child .Your contribution to help a child get a brighter future..the schooling of the future scholars all depends on your contribution.
Remember this education is not a filling of pail but lighting of fire to fight the poverty in future generation.Thanks a lot for your great work . 
Std nurse