Update from Charles!

Charles Gatere shares his experience interning with the Kenya Police Academy,

Hello everybody!

FromĀ 25th January to 30th June, I had an opportunity to do my internship at the Kenya police academy. My role was to assist the chief economist there with any work he assigned to me. This was a field exposure which final year students in the university undertake. The main work of the economist, as I am one, at the Kenya police was to help in making the performance contracts and writing the reports as required in the service. Performance contracts are agreement between the government and its agencies stating the specific roles of each party and the outcome required from them. They help the government in monitoring the projects and the funds allocated by it to do various projects. Each department in the government has economists and other professionals involved to ensure that the contract is implemented. and so is it also expected of the the police department.I must admit that this whole exercise gave me a lot of exposure in the working environment and added on to my skills and knowledge learned in school. We also had to make a lot of traveling to study the reality on the ground about the police and the various projects that the government is carrying out in the police. It is important to therefore note that all this could not have been possible without my education which I got in the university. I therefore wish to thank all the sponsors who were involved in one way or another to pay my school fees. I am now currently completing my project paper as I wait for my graduation which should take place in December this year.