Thank you from Silvano

Hey! I am Silvano Ngacha, a fourth year student, pursuing a Bsc. in Computer science under full sponsorship of READ organization.  I am writing to express my deepest thanks for your recent donation to READ.

 I am an alumni of By Grace Disabled and Orphans Center. I joined the institution in the year 2007 after lacking fees to cater for my secondary education and the inability to cater for my basic needs. At By Grace, life wasn’t a highway of events. Many are the times slept hungry, with no food to eat or a drink to quench our thirst. The reading environment wasn’t conducive since we lacked essential resources such as books, revision materials, qualified teachers, laboratory equipment’s and even permanent classes where we would study without any inconvenience. I am glad to note that through your financial donations to READ org., the situation has drastically improved.

Luckily, the difficulties didn’t affect my study, but strengthened my faith to study harder. I managed to score an –A of 76/84 points in my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. However, the reality dawned on me & I almost gave up when I received my university admission letter because By Grace would not afford to sponsor my university education. Only few days left, I met Kayli and she accepted to sponsor my education. I felt energized to work hard towards making my life better.

On 4th of Jan 2012, i was admitted at Egerton University to pursue a Bsc. in Computer Science. So far, life in school has been successful because READ provides me with everything I need as a student. I am optimistic that I will secure a job following my graduation and enroll in a master’s program in Computer Security.  I am also confident to note that with R.E.A.D org. my life will have a meaning soon. My education therefore entirely depends on your donation and my achievements would be a nightmare without your financial support to the R.E.A.D org.

I thus wish to take this opportunity to extend my heart-felt appreciation for your participation in the recent fundraising event organized by READ org. I am continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors like yourself who answer the call to give again and again. Without your generous support, students such as myself would be unable to pursue their academic goals. Your support has helped me to realize that dreams do come true and that I can be what I want to be. I believe that in the years ahead I will be able to return the favor by extending your generosity to those in need.

Thank you once again for your compassionate support.


Silvano Ngacha.

READ Beneficiary, Egerto University.

For it is in giving that we receive.

Thank You from Veronicah

Thank You from John Kibe

Here in Africa education is the only way that you can change future generations from the bondage of poverty to self sustainability.

Hallo, donors and artists;

My name is john Kibe, 20yrs of age. A second year student in Kenyatta University pursuing a degree in economics and statistics. Am one of the beneficiaries of the R.E.A.Ds programmers’. I first benefited while in high school in BY GRACE DISABLED AND ORPHARNS CENTRE by the provision of new updated text books and laboratory equipments. For the first time we had access to the most basic and essential necessities in our academic life. They were the tools we needed to make it to higher learning.

Now the programme is helping me with the upkeep money which has ensured my smooth learning.

Here in Africa education is the only way that you can change future generations from the bondage of poverty to self sustainability.

Receive my gratitude’s and appreciations; what you are doing is commendable. Changing lives is one of the greatest and finest acts. Your work will not be in vain. I figured a way of thanking you guys and dint get what is enough to say thanks. All I decided is to continue working hard and in future I will be in your position of helping others.

I also thank you for working together with kayli to ensure the smooth running of the programme.

Good bye; love you all

John kibe.