Hi Friends!

On Sunday December 17th from 3pm-8pm come day drink with us! We’ll be having all the fun to raise money for R.E.A.D. Silent art auction (fun x-mas presents?!), good tunes, free drinks, fun raffle, and comedy… what more could you want on a Sunday afternoon?! 

We’re headed back to Nairobi and we need your help to send a new student to university! All proceeds raised will go directly towards university tuition fees and textbooks for orphaned schoolchildren in Nairobi, Kenya.  

R.E.A.D. has purchased thousands of textbooks for Childrens’ Homes around Nairobi and sent eleven students to university, nine of which have already graduated and working in the fields of their study!
Here’s a little update from one of previous R.E.A.D. scholars, Silvano:

My lifelong dream of transforming my community is moving forward, thanks to generous educational scholarship from R.E.A.D. I just got a new job as an IT manager at Burn Manufacturing Limited, Kenya. The US-Based company specializes in manufacturing clean burning stoves. I have managed to build a three-bedroom house for my family at my rural home – they are now sleeping in a decent house after sleeping in a mud-walled house for the last 50 years. In addition, i am also sponsoring my 2 nieces to pursue their education.Please extend my gratitude to all well wishers for having such a caring and giving heart because this would not be possible without their love and support.

For more information on R.E.A.D., our kids, and the work we do please check out 

If you can’t make it, but still want to help out… YOU CAN:

 Everyone/anyone is invited. Hope to see you there!

Thank you,

Kayli Stollak, R.E.A.D. Founder


DJ set by the Quoi de Neuf crew

Heather Pasternak
Jake Nordwind
Jackie Tohn (Netflix’s Glow)

Booze Sponsored by:
Tito’s Vodka & Lagunitas Beer

495 W River St
LA, CA 90065 
(2nd floor)

P.S. If you have old working computers/cell phones that you are no longer using and would like to donate to the kids, bring them!

An update and message of gratitude from Miriam:

Thank you very much READ, for making me realize my dream of becoming an economist. I've always wished to make it to campus it's a dream of many people out there - a dream that I didn't imagine that one day I'd realize.

Coming from a poverty stricken background, persuing my dream of becoming a role model in our community, and to the rest of women out there, who think hardships are the end roads to many destinies, this is a very great honour.

I surely can’t hide the happiness inside me, for you guys having helped me get to another level of my life, building what I really wished to become. You are such people of big hearts, blessed hands and kindness. On behalf of my mom, who’s in the village, ,we say thanks a lot ,for cattering for my needs, paying my rent, school fees, food, and other essentials which contributes to my smooth life here in campus.

Surely, if it were not for your generous hearts,I wouldn’t have gone any far, maybe I would have gotten married because my mom couldn’t make to pay for my fees, she
only struggles to put food on the table, shes only a primary school dropout,and she gets a very low wage from her daily hustlings, that can’t pay for someone’s fees. I’m working very hard to make you
proud, at least my hardwork will motivate you, and encourage you to keep on providing for me, then when i graduate, and get a job, I’ll help her and sponsor other needy kids, just like you are supporting me.

Being a second year, and having been paid for my school fees in time makes me very happy. It always reminds me to work for the best only. Thank you so much for your support.  I’ve got so many friends here,including my teachers.I love them so much because they make me enjoy life in school. Life would be too  boring without friends.