Girls LitClub

LitClubs create a sanctuary for women and girls' empowerment through literacy learning.

“The program is a series of reading and writing workshops for girls that tap into their extraordinary strengths as learners, thinkers and leaders. The workshops provide the tools for successful reading and writing, speaking and listening (the definition of literacy) that are so crucial in this changing world. LitClubs raise the potential for increasing academic performance for every participant.

Using LitWorld’s innovative 7 Strengths model, mentorship within the LitClubs encourage girls to build character, instill values, and create community. The LitClubs inspire girls to read and write to collaborate, communicate, connect, and create new ideas to inspire their own development, and to impact the world.” – LitWorld


the girls
the girls

Journal Project

As an extension to the LitClub, R.E.A.D. began a journal project in order to help the girls from age 10-18 craft their voices and tell their stories. The girls have blown us away with their creativity and touching tales. Personal essays, creative short stories, and poetry fill the pages of their work.

Read our girl’s stories >

Best of Fruits By Teresa

In the Battle by Veronica

The Thief by Carolyne

Ways to Live a Positive Life by Jane

Mukami’s Story By Martha

My Dream By Lydia 

My Early Life In By Grace

My Story By Grace

My Wonderful Day By Lydia

Sorroia In Love By Caudence

The Dream By Lydia

The Plight Of Orphans By Caudence

The Poor Orphan By Caudence

Thing That Happened To Me This Year By Lydia 

Why Am I In School? By Lydia 

writing a story
writing a story