Text Books

Textbooks are the building blocks for education. Every child should have his/her own textbooks that are relevant to the government syllabus and consistent with the curriculum. Pens, pencils, paper, and notebooks are basic materials needed to perform assignments. These tools allow a student to sharpen their mind by forming individual thoughts which lead to ideas, interaction, and creativity.



Located in the slum of Kayole in Nairobi, Kenya is home and school to over 250 orphaned schoolchildren ranging from six months to twenty years old. By Grace is where the inspiration for R.E.A.D. began. The ambitious children live in an environment that is not conducive to learning. The home lacked the funds to supply students with the tools they needed for a better education and a brighter future. R.E.A.D. has purchased all the textbooks, school supplies, and science apparatus for By Grace. Since R.E.A.D.’s involvement at By Grace we have been able to monitor the success of the materials. Test scores are rising and students are full of drive for success and hope for the future.


Located in the Soweto Slum of Kayole, in Nairobi, Kenya. Currently, caring for 53 children who are victims of different tragedies: death of one or both parents, abandoned, lost, or mistreated. Their children range in age from 6 months to 17 years old. All of their children who are of school age are going to school. The most important aim of Good Samaritan is to give the children a place where they feel welcome, protected, loved, and where they feel at home. Although the children’s circumstances and histories are different, a stable life at Soweto means the children are optimistic about their opportunities for the future. The dedicated caregivers at Good Samaritan are working hard to provide the basics of life – shelter, security, food, and especially education. With these tools they hope this group of children will be able to break the cycle of poverty into which they were born.


Located in the slum of Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya works to give poor and marginalized children the opportunity to realize their potential, discover their talents, and develop their interests for the future. The Centre motto, “Shida za maisha hazitanizuia – nitashinda” means I will overcome despite of all injustices.

The Centre offers a school for Baby Class, Pre-Unit, Nursery, and Primary up to class 8. The total number of children enrolled at CHN-St. Catherine Children and Educational Centre is 277.

lending a hand
lending a hand