An Update from Veronicah!

Hello, My name is Veronicah Sarah Nyambura. I’m currently studying at The East African University in Kenya in the outskirts of Nairobi town. I’m pursuing Bachelor of Computer Science with IT. My first year is almost done having one week to prepare for exams before we close late December.

First year hasn’t been a lazy year as I had assumed thinking freshmen don’t get a lot of work but I was wrong, maybe because of the nature of my course, but I’m trying to get the hang of this technical world.

Most of the basics we did was quite simple because Kayli had paid for me to partake a simple computer tutorial that lasted for two months and was awarded a certificate for it. It wasn’t that hard to get friends so I wasn’t that lonely around here and the best part was that most of them have the same course as I so reading and discussion reminders come in handy.

Mostly we do coding and it can get a little bit hard; not hard but getting it is a little bit of a problem so I turn to internet for tutorials which I discovered help me understand better. Of course, not every time cause getting access to internet is a problem around here. But the university said they’d look upon it.

During my first semester(May-August) I stayed at the hostel (Not a fun at all). Apart from congestion, the hostels lacked proper sanitation and I’m glad we were told not to go back as the hostels would be holding the freshmen that were enrolling in September. (don’t panic, I’m not homeless). Currently I’m staying in Kitengela the nearest shopping Centre from the school but it’s quite a distance(7km). I take a bus to and from which costs Ksh. 100(approximately $ 0.97). it’s fun living in your own house and alone which I’ve never had; the privacy, freedom but it can make me lazy at times. Of course, I must manage the money sent because of the expenses and maintaining the house. I’m also learning to cook on my own at home (at By Grace not anyone cooks. Not that I’d try, the wooden spoon is taller or do I say bigger than I). At times, I get stomach upsets because of my bad cooking but I’m getting there.

This semester I got into a dance group. I dance for fun at times and I have been doing some writing which I share with Kayli. Mostly its dance hall styles but also quite interested in salsa and belly dancing which I look up for in the internet. Most of my writing is mainly romance but I also try to capture other aspects and some things that happen around us. That what I do for leisure and I forgot watching movies.

This wouldn’t have happened without the help of you guys. Thanks for your continuous support; my pocket money, rent, transport to and from from school and my academic stuff. I’m honored to have this chance to pursue my education and I am grateful from the deepest part of my heart. Always in my prayers and The Almighty will fill your homes abundantly. No words can say what would love to express to you how much I thank God for you. Thank you for everything. Have a lovely time.




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