Letter from Charles Odhiambo: “Because you believed in me.”

The reason I am writing this letter is because when the answer to “what could go wrong was everything, and what could go right was nothing”, you stood up for me and the cause of my education and success; and because you stood up, a few more stood up; and because a few more stood up, many more stood up – standing up with a clear purpose of impacting my life and changing my story.

I am still lost of words why after touring Kenya’s interminable wilderness of leafless dwarf trees which presents a ghastly and sun stricken appearance, painted on a sprawling canvas of endless skies, emerald hills, palm fringed rivers, teeming wildlife (voracious and graceful – alike) and sparkling oases and high-end comfy accommodation, you still chose to visit the children’s home I was in, and specifically choosing to support me.

I have attended driving and computer colleges, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism Management from the world class  University of Nairobi in collaboration with the prestigious Kenya Utalii College, got an International Air Travel Association (IATA) diploma, help my two younger relatives successfully complete form four, secured a job as a tourism tutor at college level and being admitted in the University of Nairobi for Master of Business Administration (MBA) course; because you believed in me.

My once despised family background perceived to be hotbed of poverty and valley of academic dwarfness, is now a force to reckon with; because you believed in me.

My once tarnished hope is now brightly sparkling; because you believed in me.

The jinx of school drop-outs, poverty and desperation that, with earnest and deadly pathos hanged on my background, is now broken, squashed and blown in the whirlwind of amnesia; because you believed in me.

As a staunch believer of the sagacious words of my gracefully ageing grandmother: “warm water never forgets that it was once cold”, for your belief that no matter how black a cow may be, the milk is always white – your belief in me, that despite my eerie – like background, my dream is still valid; how I would have loved to thank you from the bottom of my heart; but for you my heart has no bottom.

Please, pass my sincere gratitude to all those who supported me and always wish me well and the entire R.E.A.D. well wishers.

For your belief, cordiality, love, trust and unique support; I say BIG THANK YOU


Kind regards,

Charles Odhiambo,

Nairobi – Kenya.


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